Our travel agency philosophy


You may think that we use big words, that we claim an ethics or even a philosophy. Nothing could be more true.

We are tourism professionals since the opening of Vietnam, but that would not be enough to make a difference. It is our country for most of us and we have lived there long enough to have been able to survey it in all its limits. We know it so well that we offer you to leave the main roads and to visit the country more closely. We will share our emotions with you.

We are not a general tour operator. But specialists. And we practice our profession according to criteria and well-defined ideas. Nature is our favorite area because it is the living environment of a predominantly rural population. But when cities have a major interest, such as Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An or Saigon, they are obviously included in our programs in the same way as major tourist sites. 

For us, adventure-discovery tourism, that may not be accessible to travelers who avoid physical effort, the spectacle of landscapes and populations, is the best able to reveal the deep reality of Vietnam.

Why go to the isolated ethnic groups on the margins of the century? We believe that beyond the spectacular attraction, you can get an idea of ​​the ways of life that preceded our modern times. And why not play the ethnoloque for a few days.

We want to take you to authentic Vietnam, on the heights, to discover a wild nature and meet the Sino-Tibetan or Indonesian tribes.

Trek, off-the-beaten track circuits, thematic programs (ethnology, wildlife, botany, musicology, expeditions, logistics of television documentary productions).

Nature and physical effort are quite compatible with culture. Our trips must make you discover the country in its present reality while putting a special emphasis on its near and distant heritage.

Traveling off the beaten track is above all getting closer to others. In this way, everyday life, folk arts and traditions are much more accessible than in classical travels that will show you only a sanitized folklore devoid of any reality.

Respect and understanding govern our relationships with local people. They are our partners (local guides, porters or hosts) and thus profit directly from tourism. We ask our customers to adhere to a traveler's ethics that respects differences, avoids any condescension or clumsiness linked to differences in style and standard of living, they must also refrain from any neglect of nature.

We voluntarily limit the size of our groups for all these reasons of proximity and conviviality, the only way to share experiences and knowledge in an atmosphere that should never make you forget that you are on holidays. These are too important to be wasted. And if they have to distract you, we want you to keep something.

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